Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm back!

Look who's back!!! :)
Yeah, this blog has been dead for a long long time, but it's not dead for good. I knew I'd be back, but just didn't know when because it just feels better when I share bits of my life.So start watching - it's going to be better and juicier than ever! :-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

More of Egypt

Updating on "adventure in Cairo" - been to the pyramids, meet cool expats and partied, been to Alexandria (which I loved) and preparing to go to Sawa - this cool desert safari kinda thing.
Otherwise, all good - i like Cairo for the energy, the nice people and closeness to a lot of amazing places. Would live here, but only if I can stay in Zamalek :-)
Oh, and if you ever go to the pyramids make sure you know how to ride the horse, have all your pockets and bags closed, are in good shape (if the next day you don't want to feel like someone had beaten the hell out of you) and are ready at any time to run like the wind - with or without your consent. Enjoy the pics now. I'm out.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Still in Cairo

Hello again! So I'm still in Cairo. The plan was to stay 10 days, but it got extended to 30 which is not that bad considering that I still haven't seen the Pyramids or too much of Cairo.
But I did get another peak at it for one colleague's birthday - nice food in a local (I would call it) taverna :), shisha and going around shops in Huzein - this very touristic but nice place.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

First day in Cairo

My first day in Egypt was split between sleeping, working and sightseeing at night. I've met here with Adham which is one hell of an interesting person and a really really cool host and friend. So thanks again Adham.
Harumi, Alexandra and friends – the latino girlfriends back in Dubai – which I don’t get to hang out that much unfortunately – are here for a short holiday. So we got to make up a little bit for the not hanging around Dubai. Adham took us to this mountain which has an amazing view to 40% of Cairo. Chilling there was a perfect way to end a day. Along with a taste of local koshary.
Oh - almost forgot about the introduction to Egyptian traffic and driving. A bit like Ghana, only that more speedy and random:P

Friday, March 21, 2008


Hello everyone! It's been a while. Again. Anyways, the story goes like this - I have a lot of things to post about Dubai - new impressions, beach getaway, the awesome snorkeling session in Fujairah, but in the meantime I will be posting about Cairo.

Yup, I'm in Cairo for work purposes. It's my first work trip actually. Like ever. Although I won't have too much time to go sightseeing, I hope that I least get to see the pyramids.

So I will be here between 21st of March – 2nd of April with loads of work to do. Here are the first pics of Cairo I’ve taken from my hotel room. I'm staying at Royal Marshal hotel (aka Royal Crown Hotel), but let me tell you there is nothing royal about it. That's Ok cause I do have a nice view from my room. And wireless connection. :)


Friday, February 29, 2008


I personally recognize it by glittery eyes and the urge to move my ass and do something.
There are a lot of things that inspire me, but I think mostly they are people who have courage and inspire others. It's not actually that often that I feel inspired and when I do, I don't think I take full advantage of it. That's when I'm supposed to act and do those stuff that I'm alway postponing and procrastinating about. I think inspiration is a chance and it is up to us to take it because on those rare ocasions that I did take it, I've done some amazing stuff. So it pays off to quit being lazy or scared and just go with that flow at least once in a while.

Talking of inspiration, I just want to share the things that inspired me today. One of the best places to find inspiration for me is Aljazeera. I feel they are presenting more than the news all the other similar TV stations are showing - they do stories, they cut the surface and show details to add substance and emotion to facts. I was watching today and two things got my attention and glittery eyes - Karim Rashid and the movie Captain Abu Raeed.

Karim is an industrial designer who has worked in this field for 25 years and has done some outstanding work. I feel in love with his vision of beautificating the world, something that I have always dreamed of myself. And Captain Abu Raeed is a Jordanian movie about a janitor who gives hope to a group of poor neighborhood kids by telling them fantastical stories of his imaginary pilot career. The director/ screenwriter Amin Matalqa and the lead actor - Nadim Sawalha were absolutely adorable and loved their vision as well.

So yup, that is about inspiration for now. Going out now to find some more! :)

PS: I know some people are waiting for new stories and pictures from Dubai. Don't have that many though, but some pictures will be up soon. Byeeee


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Global Village in Dubai

So this weekend we finally made it to Global Village - this place where you can experience a little bit of almost every part of the world. Those who are familiar with AIESEC would instantly have a visual image to work with. All the others, imagine a huge place where each county has a pavilion inside which you can buy all the traditional stuff - from clothes, to jewellery, to foods and many many more other things. Yes, you can BUY....why else would you go there? :) But actually there are some traditional shows as well and a lot of wheels and machines to make your fears decrease and your blood pressure increase. I'm fine with my own blood pressure, thank you very much :) No, I'm not a fan of things that shake your body, keep you upside down and scare the hell out of you. Anyways, the entire place takes a lot of time to be seen completely and that is why I'm planning to go back again before it closes, but I will try week days cause in the weekend is crazy.

Romanian dinner

Few weeks ago we had the traditional Romanian dinner so the pics should have been up a while ago, but well... I could not have missed posting about this always amazing Romanian dinner. It was a success and it was yummy :) You can only catch me cooking again if you are really really lucky. Until then, enjoy your KFC :P !